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30 Seconds to Flush Stress

Stress is one of the most prominent reason for declining productivity and creativity amongst executives world wide. It’s a reality that we choose not to deal.

What’s more. The smarter the executive the greater is the impact of stress.Our working memory helps us focus on the task at hand. However it gets continuously invaded by unwanted elements, worries and stressors, affecting the task at hand. This is how stress builds up, affecting our mood and productivity.

To ensure that you have a hassle-free stress management mechanism, the Final Mile team has developed a very simple 30 second stress flushing system.

This stress flushing system, is nothing but a scientific APP that sits on your desktop, engaging you once every 2-3 hours into a 30 second scientific exercise. At the end of the 30 second exercise, your working memory is completely flushed of all unwanted stressors. And you are ready to work at your peak once again.

Free download for both Mac and Windows:

Getting your app to Work

1. Download the APP

2. At the beginning of everyday choose from a list of 5 exercises, the one that you would like to do that day. 

3. The application then tunes up automatically once every 2-3 hours and urges you to undertake a very simple exercise lasting only 30 seconds. 

4. If the application tunes up when you are in between something important, you will have the option of snoozing it or opting out of it. 

5. A tracking system is inbuilt to keep a count of the number of times that you have undertaken the exercise.

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