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Candlelight dinners – romance essentials.

In which photograph do you find the woman to be more attractive?

Photo A

Photo B

Most people find the woman in Photo B to be more attractive. They both are the same, but why does one seem more interesting and approachable than the other?

The answer lies in a small difference – the pupils of their eyes.

Studies conducted with similar photographs show that attractiveness increases as pupils size increases. Dilated and larger pupils are seen as physically more attractive and friendlier.

Eckhard Hess, the former head of the Department of Psychology at the University of Chicago and pioneer of the studies of pupillometry, found that pupil size is affected when people view something that stimulates them. Hess found that the pupils of both heterosexual men and women dilate when viewing pin-ups of the opposite sex and constrict when viewing same-sex pin-ups.

The pupils of our eyes dilate and grow by almost 3 times when we see someone we are attracted to, or something we are interested in. It is an involuntary physiological response of arousal. This change in pupil dilation is subconsciously decoded by the person who sees your dilated pupils, which in turn leads to a reciprocal effect – their pupils dilate too.

If a man sees a woman he is attracted to, his pupils will naturally dilate. It is an involuntary response. The woman will unknowingly acknowledge it and respond instantly with dilated pupils if she finds him interesting. Moreover, people with lighter eyes have a significant advantage in attractiveness quotient, because it’s easier to see the dilation taking place.

No wonder candlelight dinners and wine are such a popular choice for a romantic rendezvous. Apart from hiding minor physical flaws and adding a warm glow to your face, the low light setting of candlelight influences our pupil size. The pupils dilate to let in more light into the eye. At the same time, we unconsciously give out the signal that we are interested and attracted to the person across the table. It is the perfect set up to get your point across without saying anything at all.

Add wine to the list and it emphasizes your interest. Alcohol not only acts as a social lubricant, but also accentuates pupil dilation.

So the next time you’re on a date, keep in mind this little science. It could help you in more ways than one.

You’re welcome.

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