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IbIn progress report 2013

The India Backbone Implementation Network (IbIn) was launched in April 2013 by The Planning Commission of India, with the primary objective of promoting widespread capabilities in the country to systematically convert the manifest confusion to coordination, and rampant contention to collaboration, so that intentions can be converted into implementation. Final Mile is one of the partners in IbIn.

As 2013 draws to a close, Planning Commission has put out a 2013 progress report on the status of the Initiative. IbIn has made remarkable progress in spite of lack of any seed capital or a formal institutional structure.

The report also features 2 projects of Final Mile. One is a project to improve usage of toilets built under the Nirmal Bharat Abhiyaan aimed at making our villages free of open defecation. This project is currently in progress in Karnataka and is sponsored by Arghyam

The other project is involves changing the behaviour of government agencies on ground with a view to ensure better adoption of internet based government services. The report can be downloaded here

IBIN_Progress Report_Dec2013

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