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Indian politician, the real guru of marketing

This Monday in the Economic Times, we looked at how organizations may benefit by rethinking their organization structures to reach consumers at the local level.

Currently, most clients are still operating in a headquartered structure mindset. That structure worked well with mass media, where one message was broadcasted to many. But today, the hugely fragmented nature of the Indian consumer base is questioning the inability of mass media vehicles to effectively deliver brand messages. Reaching people inside the store where they take the final decision is highly dependent on one-to-one communication. This is when the headquartered structure falters.

To reach the consumers at grassroots, companies need local level efforts, and should rethink the organization structure to contribute at the local level.

The best person to learn from, as to how initiatives can be implemented at the local level is undoubtedly the Indian politician. That’s why we would like to call him The Real Guru of Marketing.

He has mastered the art of effectively communicating with such a large number of people belonging to different segments, with different messages and often on a one-to-one basis. He treats marketing as a grassroot-level function; his influence goes down to not just at the panchayat level but deep at the ward level, which consists of a few hundred households.

How does he do it?

Read the article to find out more…

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