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Make time to stand and stare

Go, stand outside your local kirana store during peak hours and see how people are buying. Everyone’s in a hurry, they come prepared, pick up their stuff, pay for it, and leave. And even when it’s not crowded, people come prepared, pick up their stuff, pay for it, and leave. In such a transactional environment, where is the opportunity to have a meaningful dialogue with the shopper?

Moreover, under the guise of “providing consumers with a more personalised and fulfiling shopping experience,” initiatives such as HUL’s Supervalue stores are only a means of incentivizing the retailers to stock and sell more of their products. Bigger display margins means more substitution of planned purchases with incentivized brands. As a part of local sales promotion budgets, these do nothing to connect with the shopper.

In a bid to have an integrated strategy, we are only seeing more clutter. Salespeople come by the store, stick up posters with adapted communication and leave, only to have other salespeople stick up posters from competing companies over it.

Let’s face it, cracking the kirana store is a challenging task. What can be done to increase interaction at the kirana store?

Just the other day, we came across an interesting poster for Dev D (releasing Feb 6, by the way). Of all the conventional movie posters in the movie hall, this was the one that caught our attention and made us take it in.

Double Take

Interesting visual illusion, huh?

Wonder why marketers are not yet experimenting with design like this… If brands use interventions like this and create time for dialogue, it will only lead to a little more connection.

And once your consumers get time to stand and stare, combine that with persuasive communication. This will ensure you are on your way to creating interventions at the kirana store that can increase conversions.

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