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Mint newspaper articles – ‘Behavior By Brain’

Wanted to update Blog readers on the series of articles in ‘The Mint‘ which I’ve been authoring. The articles, called ‘Behavior by Brain’, take a deep look at news and trends through the lens of ‘behavior’. Articles penned so far are linked below:

  1. New advances in understanding human decision-making:

  2. Why we cannot rely on awareness to drive action:

  3. The need to understand the non-conscious to understand behavior:

  4. How to decipher the non-conscious aspects of decision-making:

  5. How to design for the non-conscious:

  6. Emotions on demonetization driving behavior:

  7. Punishments and breaking habit:

  8. Behavioral shifts required for a cashless economy:

  9. Commonality between Trump phenomenon and the Jallikattu ban:

Hope you enjoy them. Do let me know your comments.

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