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A brand may have personality. But it is not a person. A brand can only appropriate the aspects that one admires in a person.

Romil Saxena has called me three times in one month to tell me that if I needed help on anything related to my bank account I could get in touch with him. As my ‘relationship manager’, he is polite and persistent with this advice. I know when I need something; his persistence will work to my advantage. Romil works at HDFC Bank.

If a brand makes a thing, it is because someone thought to make it. Someone designed it and mixed the ingredients and pressed the button. Someone knew that you might like it.

I love my Apple Mac because it has all these neat features But I really love Steve Jobs. He makes doing what I do look good and feel easy. Plus, he is cool, clever and successful.

Loving a brand is like loving God. There may be something powerful out there, but it requires a leap of faith. We’re all just people. And I’d rather just love a person. It’s less absurd.

When I call a customer care number, I’ll speak in Hindi if I want help and in English if I want to complain. Because I assume I’m speaking to an average Indian person with all our typical insecurities. Vodafone is Dutch.

I want to know exactly what you do to be mentioned on your visiting card. I want it to have your direct number on it. If it has just a board number, I know it’s useless to keep it.

For all intents and purposes, you are the brand… and branding is nothing but alignment.

We all want things. We align our hopes and abilities with those of others and work towards getting those things. We don’t lose our individual identity in that alignment The alignment enriches our social transaction making the outcome both meaningful and memorable.

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