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Reducing collissions at unmanned railroad crossings : ForbesIndia story

Back on the success of our work to reduce fatalities due to trespassing, North Western Railways approached us with a more wide spread problem. There are more than 13000 unmanned level crossings across the country. Many drivers assume right of way and get in to a collision with the oncoming train. This leads to many kind of losses, most importantly, lives are lost. Additionally, trains get delayed, property losses occur and line utilization drops, leading to operational losses. Accidents at level crossings is not just an India problem, it is a wicked problem across the developed and developing nations. One that is yet to be solved.

While manning them is a long term solution, it is very expensive and time consuming. Our work was to reduce collisions through behavioral science based interventions.  The cost of such interventions should be minimal and they should be scalable and feasible within the organizational constraints. The interventions were tested in different locations and were shown to reduce the speed of the motorists significantly, thereby giving them crucial additional seconds to react. Forbes India featured the project in their latest issue. Read more here

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