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Rs 50 cr to curb deaths on tracks – Times of India

Our neuroscience approach to minimize trespassing deaths has met with even more success. After the success of this experiment at Wadala, Rs. 50 Crore is being earmarked to be spent on these innovative measures across the Mumbai suburban network – erecting warning signboards, painting tracks to help people judge the speed of trains and calling for motormen to horn twice while approaching risky stretches.

Speed reference points

Warning Signboard

These interventions were designed on a strong foundation of new sciences – understanding the fundamental manner in which the human brain processes information and allows us to make decisions. Which in turn, always leads to consistent results.

Giving statistics, Divisional Railway Manager of Central Railway, M C Chauhan, said that from June to December 2009 there were 23 deaths at Wadala. However, in the six months from December 22, 2009 onwards, after the new safety methods were implemented, there were only nine deaths at Wadala.

The World Bank Funding is further vindication that these new sciences are more accountable and provide greater ROI to the client.

This also makes Indian Railways the first organization in the world to undertake this approach and successfully minimize deaths due to trespassing.

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