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Jeff Atwood read Predictably Irrational. And he has a few words of caution. If we don’t understand our irrational behaviour, those “vicious marketing weasels” will use it against us. Here’s his take on the book to help us save ourselves from the stealth of marketing.

While his post explains all his corollaries from reading the book, here are a few that we all see all the time.

Realize that some premium options exist as decoys — that is, they are there only to make the less expensive options look more appealing, because they’re easy to compare. Once you’ve bought something, never rely on your internal judgment to assess its value, because you’re too close to it now. Ask other people what they’d pay for this service, product, or relationship. Price often has nothing to do with value. Expensive is not synonymous with quality. Investigate whether the price is justified; never accept it at face value.

Go ahead and take a read. Maybe the next time that vicious marketing weasel tries to pull a fast one, you know where you can stand your ground.


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