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The store IS the battleground

Slowly but surely, our beliefs about a new wave in marketing are getting vindicated. The article in today’s Brand Equity, Economic Times shows further proof that consumers are now making most of their purchase decisions in the store; marketers are following suit.

The GMA/Deloitte Report, “Delivering the Promise of Shopper Marketing” validates this sentiments in its 2008 report on how than 60% of the retailers and manufacturers plan to invest more in non-trade in-store programmes in the next year . This growth will come at the expense of traditional media such as television and print.

Of course, now that everyone’s throwing their hat into the arena, retail has suddenly become the next best thing in marketing. But it’s not all about just owning this medium, it’s more about honing the message. And, this is what will tip the scales.

What do you think?

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