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What you see is what you get

It’s interesting what we can learn from looking around and see how people go about conducting business in an intuitive manner.

For example, lets say you wanted to buy a waterproof watch. But, buy it from the roadside vendor, and you know that it will find it’s way to the nearest bin even after the first monsoon drizzle.

It was interesting to see how this street vendor went about displaying his daily wares. I found this guy peddling waterproof watches on a recent market visit to interior Maharashtra.

Waterproof proof

If you choose your watch out of a filled tube of water, you can be sure that this vendor is at least coming good on his word to provide you with waterproof protection. Of course, the mechanism might fail in a week or so, and then this watch might get dumped, but you know that it is waterproof.

How can bigger marketers use simple conversion insights like this one to help consumers make choices? Because ultimately, what you see is what you want to get, no?

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