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When you want things fast.

A very recent study conducted by Psychological Science uncovered this interesting finding – Fast food thoughts lead to general impatience, and can unconsciously trigger fast behaviour.

Chen-Bo Zhong and Sanford DeVoe have found that fast food can actually induce haste and impatience, in ways that have nothing to do with eating. They showed that subliminal exposure to fast food symbols, such as McDonalds’ golden arches, can actually increase people’s reading speed. Just thinking about these foods can boost our preferences for time-saving goods and even nudge us towards financial decisions that value immediate gains over future returns. Fast food, it seems, is very appropriately named.

In light of this, what happened just yesterday at the Daytona Beach Wendy’s outlet is not surprising at all.

A drive-thru customer was charged with threatening and hitting some fast food workers, all because they didn’t get their mayo and mustard packets with their fast food order.

Of course the extent to which this incident progressed is alarming, but is the mere proliferation of fast-food culture and symbols solely responsible for making us this impatient?

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